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Structural Engineers Supporting Visions

Nickerson Engineering thrives on the collaboration and evolution of a project. We value the long-term relationships that develop with our clients, allowing us to become your ideal design partners and bring life to a project that achieves your standards.

Who We Are

Equal parts professional, approachable and open-minded, Nickerson Engineering is ready to take on any challenge.

From the first glimmer of a concept to the final framing inspection, we are here to provide support every step of the way.

Always Looking For Talent

Join a company dedicated to a collaborative work environment where your growth is celebrated, and work/life balance is a core value. Nickerson Engineering is always looking for bright new talent as well as seasoned veterans! Look through our open positions and apply today!


How We Work With You

At Nickerson Engineering, we work with a vast array of client types. Each client offers a distinctive point of view that we recognize. We support our clients by:
Supporting visions, rather than altering them
Adopting early engagement to  establish a strong collaborative team
Providing creative solutions that are in line with the design goals
Opening lines of communication to stay ahead of obstacles 
Understanding the challenges that Builders face to be profitable
Meeting critical milestones to keep the project on schedule
Responding swiftly  during construction to avoid field delays
Always looking for economy without sacrificing performance
Guiding clients through unchartered territory
Helping you make informed decisions
Communicating throughout the process
Instilling confidence in safety and ensuring the protection of your investment

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