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Our Process

Our goal is to provide our clients with a coordinated and well-thought-out structural design, on time and on budget. From the first glimmer of a concept to the final framing inspection, we are here to provide support every step of the way.

Step 1


Design Development phase.
Information gathering (desired framing systems, identify possible excavation issues, review outside consultant information such as Geotechnical Engineering report).
Set a milestone schedule for expected deliverables.
Step 2


Schematic Design phase.
Develop preliminary framing layout, with lateral element needs (shearwalls, frames, etc.) 
Preliminary coordination meeting to share challenges and present solutions before they become problems.
Step 3


Perform structural calculations and develop structural plans and details.
Continued communication as necessary during the final design process.
Share 90% permit submittal set in advance of completion milestone to allow for coordination with other consultants (Owner, Architect, Geotechnical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Builder, etc.)
Step 4


Quite simply, deliver final permit submittal plans and calculations on schedule.
Step 5


Respond to jurisdictional review comments (if necessary) in a timely manner to obtain permits as quickly as possible.
Construction Administration support with an emphasis on timely responses to keep the build moving forward.
Respond to Requests for Information, review shop drawings, conduct site visits as needed.

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